Thursday, March 10, 2011


Meh... what can I say really. It was overcast and raining most of the day so my energy was sapped... nevermind the sleep thing.

I did manage to take a nap, but woke up feeling more drained than when I went to sleep.

Dinner today was a chuck eye steak w/ sauted onions and broccoli, and a side salad. Nothing fancy. I know a lot of the stuff is sauted. I'm just too lazy to get out the steamer lol. It's such a big appliance and SO many parts you have to clean when you use it lol.

Steak without steak sauce.... meh. Thank goodness for hot sauce, but it's just not the same. Going to have to search the organic section for something... well a lot of things.

This way of eating is producing A LOT of leftovers. I know that's kind of the point though. That way you're not constantly in the kitchen cooking up something from scratch. I'm not really fond of left over chicken though. It kinda freaks me out for some reason. Oh well, I'll get over that.

I think I'm close to getting DH to try to go in and buy a cow. I suggested that he should ask the people at his work. I mean who knows, maybe there are some that only eat grassfed meats. For everywhere that I've found, it's $3/lb so yeah.. it's gonna be pricey. NM that we'd have to purchase a freezer to store it all in lol. Not sure DH is that committed yet heh.

Going to really have to find some alternatives for side dishes. Eating sauted whatever is already getting old. Next week's menu looks kind of promising so we'll see how it goes. I'm sticking with it even if it gets old. I'll get used to it. Just afraid that DH would get tired of it and stop.

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