Saturday, March 5, 2011


That describes perfectly how I felt at dinner last night.

First we didn't get to eat until after 7. I know that's norm for some people, but DH and I loathe eating that late... specially when it means we're waiting on people for whatever frickin reason.

So last night Chinese buffet is what we had. Whatever... at least this was a bit more Paleo friendly even though I'm sure all of the sauces they use on their stuff is filled with sugar. Can't be helped though but it was still nice to see how the diet would work.

Anywho... DH's parents were the first to arrive. We waited for about 5-10mins with them before we decided to just go ahead and start eating.
About 5 mins later, DH's sister and her husband finally show up. Honestly, I couldn't even look at her directly.
So we're all sitting there eating, and DH's sister.... UUUUUUUUUUUUGH.
I swear.. I'm not imagining this b/c I'm jealous or sad or whatever.... but I swear she purposely didn't take her anti-nausea pills JUST so she could complain about it and get sympathy.
She started to whine to her mom about it. Her mom repeatedly told her to just take her pills if she was feeling sick. She (MiL) actually started to get annoyed by it when SiL kept complaining.
SiL then turns to DH to complain about it, DH tells her the exact same thing. Just take the damn pills.
She then turns to her mom, and in this kind of baby voice asks her "Why am I so sick?" Really bitch? Really??????
Did she think she was going to be exempt from every pregnancy symptom out there or something?? GAWD I wanted to scream at her!
I'm not saying that she shouldn't complain about having morning sickness, b/c being sick sucks. Whenever it's my own turn and if I get m/s as well... even though I'm going to be thrilled... it's still going to suck upchucking everything.
It's just her needing to get attention and sympathy for it that bugged the ever living crap out of me. It really did feel like a slap in the face when she started to talk about it.

Oh it gets better though.

A lot of the convo went to pregnancy talk. Not hers in particular, just them chatting about others. Mainly this one cousin of theirs that had triplets naturally (no fert meds). Unfortunatly, one of the triplets died. So mentioning the multiples thing, SiL and her oh so lovely self said that if she had more than one (I think she said a litter).... then she was going to give us (not us in particular, but the family), the extra babies and keep the good one for herself.  Yeah... she really said that.

I think at one point my face actually started to become flushed b/c I was that pissed off. And that feeling of wanting to puke returned but not for the same reason. I also started to get a headache so that certainly wasn't helping matters.

So yeah... last night's dinner didn't go exactly as I thought it would which I'm happy about, BUT her comments and need for attention is just going to make me pissed at her which I don't want to be. I'm going to let her idiotic comments and whining go and just tolerate....

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