Saturday, March 19, 2011

Oh duh!

Been so busy with the paleo part that I haven't talked about TTC. I guess b/c we haven't started yet so nothing really to report on.

Only one more provera left! WOOT WOOT!
Been feeling bloated and slightly achy in uterus-ville.
When I first started taking the provera, my ovaries started to ache. Makes me wonder what was causing it, but oh well. So long as that baseline is clear of any large cysts!
I'm so excited to start trying again! It feels like an eternity with everything that has happened.

If we're successful and IF this little bean sticks, we could potentially have a Christmas or New Years baby! How exciting would that be! If on Xmas, poor child would always have to get the combo xmas/birthday presents, but still....
Or coming in on New Years. It would be like the whole world is celebrating your birthday with fireworks :D
What a birthday!

I know I'm jumping the gun here and getting my hopes up, but like I said, it feels like it's been an eternity. Being so down and out this month... it's nice to have some hope again.

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K_Bom said...

Best of luck to you. :-)