Wednesday, March 9, 2011

UUUUUUUGH Rant, Venting, Major ANGER ahead....

MiL called tonight. DH talked to her.
I asked what she wanted after he got off the phone. He only told me part of it. I then asked what else did she say. She said that she had to take SiL to the emergency room b/c of her morning sickness. Not for anything else, but just b/c she's still sick. They just gave her the same anti-nausea meds as before. Stupid ass heifer.
Really bitch? Really???? Not the MiL but SiL.
GOD I can't fucking stand her right now and I am GLAD she is getting sicker.
I don't want anything to happen to her pregnancy or the baby (I'm not that evil), but I sure as hell want HER to suffer throughout her entire fucking pregnancy. I don't want her to have any damn relief at all. I want her to suffer so much, she'll never want to have another baby ever again.
Yes I am being vindictive and childish and evil, but ya know what, I don't give a damn. Maybe if she hadn't been so cunty before (yes I used the C word)... I wouldn't feel this way. Maybe if the dumbass hadn't acted so GD ungrateful, I'd actually feel sorry for her.
But nope... she's a piece of selfish, ungrateful, childish shit.

Seriously, on the way to dinner this past Sunday, I was actually thinking of maybe doing something nice for her. Maybe drawing her something or whatever... and then she just had to open her damn mouth and remind me why I couldn't stand her before.

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One Cycle at a Time said...

There's no way I'd be able to be around her either!!! ITs so unfair how all the selfish, unappreciative b*tches out there can get knocked up just by looking at a guy.... and the rest of us have to suffer through this IF bullshit.... Ugh!!!!! Sorry you have to put up with her.