Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ya know, Screw waiting

Sitting here watching this guy's videos on youtube
And I realized... what the hell am I waiting tomorrow for?? I don't NEED to get kettleballs before I start. There are plenty of heavy items I could lift at home. Heck, I don't NEED to start with that, we have a flipping treadmill AND eliptical machine I can use. Sure I find them boring, but it's better than just sitting here saying I'm going to start tomorrow.
So getting ready to do that. I just wanted to comment on his youtube videos really quick.
I would def check them out. He has some progression videos for exercises. Like doing beginner pushups, pullups, squats etc and each step to get to that final 'correct' move. Really helpful if you're struggling.

Just went and put on my workout clothes. Weighed myself before though. I know I know I can't help it! lol.
Anywho, it read 205. I hope that sticks or even goes down some more! lol

OH and another exciting gross news. I'm actually pooing normally now! WOOO I mean I still get the occassional metformin diarrhea thing, but it's not ALL the time like it used to be. I actually poo like a normal person rofl. I know that's so stupid to get excited about, but I thought I would have to live w/ getting diarrhea. Or having veggies pass right through me after an hour after eating them. Seriously, if I ate broccoli, 30mins later it would be in the toilet not digested at all. I've had that happen with lettuce as well. That's not normal obviously! lol

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