Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, thankfully...

RE's office has a follistim I can have. Well "borrow".
Nurse called and didn't know why I didn't have a refill available b/c they told the pharm that I was supposed to so *shrugs* Guess there's been a communication problem.
We're heading over there as soon as DH is finished painting. Yes I know, I have my license now, I could've just gone there by myself. Well tough dooky, I don't feel like it! lol

In other news..... DH's uncle wants me to do artwork for him for his Haunted trail this year. UUUUUUGH.
I don't do well under pressure! Plus I have NO idea what to do. Artwork for haunted trails need to look certain ways and I dunno if I can do it. SIGH.
I have the beginning of ONE idea........ and it's not even a great one. BLEH!
Oh well, I'm just gonna have to do a lot of research in to this and see what some good trails have up. Get ideas and such.
He has another artist doing more morbid stuff, and wants me to do more whimsical/scary/funny kind of things.
Anyone have any ideas? :P

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LisaB said...

Phew, well that's a relief that you can get your meds! I hate when stuff like that happens. I'm no help with artsy stuff! Good luck! Sounds cool.