Monday, March 21, 2011


Ok so... I woke up VERY sore this morning. The area right behind my underarms are sore as heck. Sad that WALL  PUSHUPS would do that, but I guess it just shows that they do work.
Here's the Primal guy explaining the progression of pushups for skill level. I thought it was really helpful.

Also, the area right above my knees is pretty sore. Guessing from the wall assisted squats I did.
So yeah, not exercising today to let my body heal. How sad that ONE flippin day of doing beginner moves has made me sore! rofl. Oh well.
Here's the same guy's video on doing squats.

He has a couple of other ones too that are really helpful. Specially if you're like myself. Out of shape and a beginner heh.
So yeah, not exercising today. I'll take this time to do some cleaning around the house. Really need to do the laundry. It's Mt Saint Dirty Clothes up in the bathroom right now.
I'll also do some stretches as well. I used to be so limber as a child, and then all the years of inactivity... I'm SO stiff.

In other news! I'm spotting. Not sure if it's going to keep up or get heavier but I hope so! Would mean that AF is coming sooner than it ever has on provera and it means DH wouldn't have to take any time off of work to take me to my baseline appointment. OOOO I really hope it is AF getting ready to show.
I'll be shocked if it is though. I guess the diet has really changed things? Not sure HOW exactly, but so long as it is a  good change heh. OOO I hope my AF is shorter! THAT would be flippin sweet! I hate having long ass 6-7 day AFs!
I had more right O kind of aching last night though. Kind of scared that it's going to be a large cyst. FX that it's not.

Oh and I weighed myself this morning as well for the heck of it, and weight is down another pound. I'm not going to record it though since it's not official WI day. I just hope it keeps going that way by the time Saturday comes around again hehe.


Annabelle said...

Just curious, do you take vitamin B6? That has helped shorten my af's a little, I now have 3-4 day ones and it's great! Worth a shot!
And great job with the exercise and weight, keep it up!

LisaL said...

Nope, I don't take B6. I have in the past though and it didn't do anything for me. Story of my life w/ most supplements lol.