Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feeling... tired

Story of my life. SHEESH.
I did actually sleep really well last night... that is when I was asleep and not waking up needing to go PP.
I must have a teeny tiny bladder or something. Or maybe I'm losing a lot of bloated water weight. Who the hell knows but it was annoying getting woken up from a nice deep sleep b/c I needed to go tinkle.

THEN I had to wake up to fix breakfast and help prepare DH's lunch. I only just started that yesterday, so gonna take some time to get used to. Going to have to start getting to bed earlier.

Lets see..... today I'm going to try to eat more protein if I get hungry again.
For breakfast it was left over fish w/ half an apple. Weird eating fish in the morning lol.
Lunch, still left over fish w/ some shredded green cabbage and a boiled egg.
I put some texas pete on the cabbage. I love napa cabbage raw, and I love regular green cabbage boiled... but raw, BLEH. Not for me thank you. Even with the texas pete it was difficult to eat.
I was still feeling hungry afterwards, so I had 2 slices of ham and another boiled egg. Yum yum. I could eat eggs all day long and that ham was pretty darn tasty as well. It's hormel cure81 sliced ham. It's not the best thing b/c I think it has a teeny bit of sugar added along with whatever filler. So yeah, not going to be eating that often.

It is EXTREMELY difficult trying to find food that doesn't have sugar added! Going to have to do better for next week though. Really take our time in the grocery store and read the labels carefully.

Oh I've been cruising Robb Wolf's forums for a bit. Just trying to get an idea on what I should be doing and came upon this quote in one of the posts. I thought it was pretty hilarious.

"I bet vegans are delicious. Grass fed little bastards. ~The Twitterverse"

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