Sunday, March 6, 2011

Measurements and such

Here are my measurements for today. Not sure if I'm going to stick with not doing them for the next 30 days or what lol. We'll see I guess.

Weight- 211.8
Bust- 42.75
Under Bust- 38
Above Bellybutton stomach- 42.25
Waist- 39.75
Below bellybutton stomach- 44.25
Hips- 44
Right Upper Thigh- 27.25
Left Upper Thigh- 26
Right Upper Arm- 17
Left Upper Arm- 16

I also did DH's measurements but won't post them here until the 30 days is over.
Also took both of our photos, profile, front and back shots. BUT won't post them lol. Not unless there is a huge change or something. For right now, they're just going in to be stored away for the light of day :P

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