Saturday, March 12, 2011

Well... hmmm

Apparently I wasn't the only one wanting a ton of eggs from DH's uncle lol.
They only had a dozen but I'll take it!
They say that DH's grandfather usually takes about 3-4 dozen from them. SHEESH.
DH didn't want to mention the chicken idea I had, but he FINALLY did.
Not sure if they want to but I think if we offered to give them some money to help out for the extra feed and time/space, then they'd be a bit more willing to do it.
I'll have to keep asking DH about it.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting at the grocery store. Still struggling to find some variety in the side dishes.
I did find an awesome coconut icecream recipe though that I plan on trying tomorrow.
I'm really not a fan of the coconut smell... in fact I HATE it, but the taste is ok..... so long as I can't smell it :P lol
I'm sure the icecream would be good though and hopefully if it tastes ok, then it will be something we can enjoy and have every once in a while. Maybe make the cravings for the bad stuff a bit more manageable hehe

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