Thursday, March 24, 2011


Anxious for some reason.
Sitting on the couch watching Private Practice, and just all of a sudden I'm slightly panicky and I don't know why. Very strange.
Still wondering if there was something but nope... can't think of anything. Maybe it's just my subconsious dreading dinner tomorrow lol.
And speaking of Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy, why is EVERYTHING about frickin pregnancy?? GEEZE.
Should be getting both of my flours tomorrow! WOO! With the disaster pancakes though, I'm not getting too excited that whatever I make will come out edible heh.

Speaking of food, we bought a dehydrater so we can make some beef jerky! YUM! Now just to find some meat. So excited to use my new toy! lol
I don't Facebook. Just can't get in to social networking other than blogs. For some reason it's just not for me.
Anywho, DH on the other hand is kind of getting in to it more and he did something that I had to log in to accept.
So I log in and get curious. Try to look up an old high school friend, didn't find her. Searched for her brother, didn't think I found him... that is until I spotted someone that I thought looked kind of like him. Clicked on him, and yep, it was and there was the old friend on his list.

Anywho..... after I friended her and she accepted, just being nosy and going through her friends list and see a few names I recognize from high school.
Click on them and MAN this is going to be bitchy, but got some hellava great satisfaction to see that some of them were fat. LOL
I was considered the fat one in school and in my teens. I was only something like 140-150 when I was 16 and 17, but that was still bigger than all of my other friends. I could never join in on swapping clothes or anything like that and they all could lose weight SO frickin easily, so yeah.... damnit... I did get happy to see that I'm not the only fat one or the biggest now!
Sigh... good times good times.


One Cycle at a Time said...

LMAO... I am exactly the same way. I don't facebook actively but my account is set up to notify me via email if someone sends me a message. A chic from my class sent out an email that she was going to be on tv. She was pretty much the top dog in high school, perfect life, brand new car with personalized license plates when she turned 16 and class president. You get the idea... So I begrudgingly DVR'd the show she was going to be on with her kids... and OMG she looks terrible!!! And I was sooooo happy!!! I know that's terrible.... but in high school, if her life wasn't perfect the universe must be in disarray... and now she looks like the rest of us... chubby, no makeup and flat hair. Don't judge me too harshly... :-)

LisaL said...

Lol, I KNOW I would've felt the same way too hehe

The Lady Girl said...

LOL...FB is a hoot. It's cool peaking into the lives of others. It's interesting to see how some have lived; many are as I expected.