Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Get off the road!

Because I am once again a licensed driver! lol
FINALLY got it again. Should've never let my first one expire but oh well. Test was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Thankfully that area isn't really busy so not a lot of cars.
And my parallel parking wasn't that bad. I didn't hit the curb woot, and I didn't hit the wooden things so woot for that too heh. I was a bit far from the curb, but the instructer didn't seem to give a flip.
So YAY for getting that out of the way finally. Means that the days when DH absolutely can't take me to an appointment.. I have to drive myself. BLEH. Morning traffic there is AWFUL and I like having DH with me.
Been feeling some aching/cramping in the right O area. Not sure if it is, but pretty sure. My right ovary seems to be the one that I always get follicles from. I've gotten some from the left before so I know it works lol
Oh well... so long as it gives me some nice healthy ones this time that will stick :D
Ok this is going to be some serious TMI.... and I mean WAY TMI, but I think I need to mention it.
I think our new diet is helping with DH's sperm production. Now of course I have no real way of knowing, but we DTD yesterday and well... there was A LOT afterwards EVERYWHERE (bleh). lol That's def not normal. I mean there will be some leakage but that's about it. It's not like he's been saving it up this entire time. He's a guy, he does what all guys do once they find out they can play with it, while I'm on AF. So yeah.... I think this may be helping. We'll see next time we BD... hopefully he is producing more. Don't give these eggs a chance to escape! lol

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