Friday, March 25, 2011

Finally! Sheesh!

Finally got the rest of my order. I'm sorry but taking this long to mail something in the US to another US state is just ridiculous. In this day and age, it should not take this long to deliver anything.
Anyways, enough complaining, time for some sharing!!

I got the almond flour first and wow... 5lbs is a lot! lol This is def going to last us.. or at least it better :P heh
Also pictured is the dehydrator we bought from WallyWorld. We're either going out tonight after dinner or tomorrow to buy some meat so we can have jerky for next week. YAY :D

Just recieved the next 2. The coconut flour and the coconut cream. I have no idea why I even bought the cream. It sounded good and it was buy one get one free :P
The cream is abou 70% coconut oil so it hardens when it gets cold. There's like an inch thick top layer on it that's different colored from the rest of it. I think it's the oil. Will wait for it to get a bit warmer and softer before tasting it.

And the 2 2.2lb bags of flour. OOO I can't wait to make something!!!
There's a brownie recipe on the back of the bags.... NM that it needs brown sugar or anything, grrr.


Amy said...

Is the coconut flour and cream suppost to be better for you? Tell me about it, it sounds really interesting. Do health food stores sell it?

LisaL said...

Health food places may carry it. We don't have any near us so I can't tell ya if they definitetly do or not. I know I've read on some Paleo food blogs about people purchasing them from actual stores though and not online.
Yep, on the paleo and primal diet, coconut in general is just a really good food for you. It's basically just full of saturated fats which is what our bodies need.

The cream I'm not really sure what it's used for lol. The info about it says that it can be used as a spread or made in to icecream (which I'll probably do). On the Tropical Traditions website they have recipes for all of their products so you can see what you use them in.

The coconut flour. A lot of paleo/prima people limit their consumption of it, but treat themselves every once in a while. It's often used to make paleo/primal food items that mimic typical flour based stuff, like muffins, or pancakes and things like that.
All the flour is is the meat of the coconut ground so small in to the flour texture.