Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My feet def need to get used to being in those shoes. My right foot is ok for the most part except for the achilles and the shoe rubbing up against it... but my left foot. Apparently I never use the toe by the little toe b/c that toe is HURTING w/ the toe shoes lol. In shock that it is finally being used I guess :P lol
The rubbing on the back of my foot is awful though. SIGH. Price I pay for not wearing regular shoes.
Poor poor tender feet.

Dinner tonight was Texas Roadhouse. After me whining about not wanting to cook, and we had to pick our car up around dinner time anyway, it wasn't that hard to convince DH to go out lol.
I kept pretty close to the diet. Not sure what they put on the steamed veggies (which was just broccoli and baby carrots). Hoping it was just some regular butter and not margarine.
DH cheated just a little and got their Italian dressing and cheese, but he really doesn't have a dairy problem so not a big deal.
My ribeye was good though and I tore it up! lol

AF is being very strange this time. Not much actually coming out throughout the day. I mean I'll get gushes here and there, but not like I usually get. It seems most of it is coming out when I use the bathroom.
I know I know, lovely, but oh well.
Not complaining though. Nice not worrying if I'm leaking or not :P lol

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