Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wel that was weird...... also..

Internet didn't want to work for a minute there. Had to reset everything and it's finally working again. It's acting up on DH's computer too so not sure what the heck is wrong. Thought it was our connection, but no.

Started feeling blue again tonight. Damnit. It's like the closer Fridays get, the more depressed I start getting.
It started with a damn commercial. No idea what the commercial was even about, but it showed a guy walking around, he goes in to a guitar shop or something, and buys a Rush onesie that matches his shirt. He goes home and on the mailbox is a "It's a girl!" balloon. Sigh. Makes me sad even now just thinking about it.
And I love love love the show, but of course Raising Hope had to be about pregnancy scares. That was more funny than depressing, but still... it's like every single damn thing has to deal with pregnancy or babies or just something.

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Samantha said...

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