Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I got bored

Grrrrr stupid internet!!! Had a nice boring post and b/c one stankin webpage didn't want to load up correctly, they ALL had to be restarted. BLEH!

Found a recipe for tonight's dinner. We bought a butternut squash at the grocery store this Sunday. Neither of us have ever had one before so why the hell not. Lets get one!
I was going to do this saute recipe, but this one sounded better.
It smells pretty good so far, but smelling and tasting are 2 different things!
And here's a photo of it just for your pleasure. Just ignore that you can't really see anything b/c of the condensation on the lid :P

And here are some more random photos I took a little while ago b/c I thought... Why the hell not! I'm bored and the camera is right there!

What's left of the fern we bought for the cat.....

And finally for now.... a random bird of prey that flew by. YAY random bird of prey!

I have some awesomely entertaining gardening stuff I'll post in a min :D

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