Sunday, March 20, 2011

Feel good

First up, here's my lunch for today.
Just a nice big salad w/ some sliced up ham. Treating myself to some pickled jalapeno too heh. Dressing is the same as yesterday. Balsamic w/ Olive oil and some pickled jalapeno juice.
The other stuff in the salad is some lettuce and such from a prepackaged salad baggy (you know the ones where everything is already chopped up for ya). About 6 or so grape tomatoes and some baby spinach.
We usually get romaine lettuce heads instead of the prepackaged things b/c they keep longer and we just like it better, but Kroger was out of them last week *grumble*
Mmm look at all that hammy jalapeno goodness! lol Spicy food has a not so pleasant s/e for me so I'm sure I'll be paying for this later lol. I need to get some mild jalapeno slices once I'm done with this jar.

As for exercise. I walked on the treadmill. I'm not a fast person at all. I never have been. Heck, even when I was a wee little girl, rail thin... I hated playing tag b/c I was always "It". I'm just not a fast walker or runner.
The treadmill def proves it. My fast pace walk is a 2.5 and I can't even keep that up for long b/c I'm so out of shape. I didn't get to 200+ lbs by being active :P lol
In those 30something minutes, I only walked ONE MILE. MAN that is embarassing to admit to but there it is.
We all have to start somewhere though right?
Afterwards I was feeling good so decided to do some wall pushups. I followed Mark's tutorial for it and  could really feel it in my shoulders afterwards. I also did some leg stretching (b/c I am as stiff as a board), and did some wall supported squats. I had to stop the squats b/c my knees started to feel a bit funky.

In other news, I took my last provera before working out!! WOO!
Oh and I took my temp this morning and it was kind of low. Only 97.74. That's usually my pre-O temp. No idea why it was that low but I hope there's not anything 'wrong' going on with my body.

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The Lady Girl said...

That's one good looking salad that you have there.

Stay encouraged with the exercise. It's so NOT my favorite thing either. I was taking my temps everyday but I lost my themometer. Guess I'll start that in May or so.