Wednesday, March 23, 2011

YAY toe shoes & YAY ovaries!!

Or well, more like OUCH toe shoes right now :P
I did get a pair today.
They're def going to take some getting used to. Just feels weird walking in them. You get used to the feeling of the fabric in between your toes pretty quickly though, but walking in them is different. It started to hurt one of my toes. not sure if that's normal but whatever. Going to wear them around the house for a while every day to get my feet accustomed to them better.
DH also spoiled me and got me some flipflops as well. I'm perfectly fine with cheapo flipflops but he insisted I get them so I'm not gonna argue :P
They're super comfy. I think they're supposed to or actually are made from yoga mat material? *shrugs*

I'm really not a shoe girl. I'm perfectly fine with my cheap shoes, but doesn't hurt to treat yourself every once in a while heh.
And I had my baseline today. It's all good and we're a go on injections for tomorrow :D I'm starting off at 150u of follistim. I knew it was just going to be 150 but I'll take it. Maybe I'll respond to it better.
Nurse had trouble finding the left ovary as usual but the right one showed up nice and clear. Lots of little follicles.


Annabelle said...

Yay for new shoes and for working ovaries!! I really hope this cycle works for you!

Kerrik said...

I keep seeing those two shoes in the window of a local store, and wondering what they are. They look so cute :)