Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sigh... damnit doc!

They forgot to call in my follistim refill! Grrrr.
I hope they have some in their office b/c if not, we're screwed for tomorrow.
We MAY have enough for tomorrow's injection but I doubt it.
Called the pharmacy when we hadn't gotten a call from them and they said NOPE, no call from the doc.

Anywho, in other news.... here's dinner tonight!
It's kimchi soup w/ squid.

The squid was bought from the Korean store. I HATE gutting them. Just so used to having my meat already cut up.. just weird when you see them whole, ya know?

Whole and frozen thawing out in the sink
Sliced up in the pan

I usually fix my kimchi soup with chicken broth but don't have any so just used some water and a little extra sea salt. Yum yum! The tentacles freak people out, but it just looks good to me! hehe

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