Sunday, March 27, 2011

Intermittent Fasting

Trying it out today. I'm still feeling guilty about eating so much jerky last night so decided to skip breakfast and lunch today.
Here's an article that explains what it involves exactly.

It's just 2 meals so not a big deal.

Going to make jambalaya tonight along with some brownie bites. YUM! Just hope they're both as good as they sound and I will def remember to take photos this time! lol

Grocery shopping today was UGH so expensive! We shouldn't be buying any more meat for a while, but whenever we go, there's always something new that I want so we just end up buying more :P lol Oh well, it's all gonna get eaten so not like it's going to waste.
We still need to buy some beef though to make more jerky. Kroger didn't have a very good selection. All of it was too fatty. Great for roasts but not so much for jerky.

AF is almost gone. Just here and there when I use the bathroom but yeah... pretty much outta here. WOO!

Excited about my blood test tomorrow. Really hope my E2 levels are nice and up there showing that I have some follicles responding. Can't really tell right now. I think I MAY feel some pressure when I lay on my stomach but that could be bowel too.


The Lady Girl said...

I've tried fasting one day a week. I have one meal on Sundays then try to load up on water. In a book about overall health, it states that the digestive system needs 12 hours of rest. During the summer, I am going to try juicing for two meals(breafast/dinner) then having a low carb/high protein lunch.

LisaL said...

Yeah, the primal thing says that IF is good for your body to kind of reboot. Figured why not ya know?