Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photos & some whining

Photos first!
Just took these of some of the garden things and the flowers up front.
Planted the buds for the flowers the first spring in this house and they've been coming bigger and better every year since :)
There are some Hollyhocks that are still just the leaves, but they're SO gorgeous once they bloom. I'll def get photos of that when it happens (won't be for a while though).
Smells SO good

And the gardens in the back :D
A tiny little cucumber. Only have 2 that have popped up so far. Those other tiny little plants are probably from the seeds in the bird feeders :P

My spearmint. It's growing like crazy now. There's also a teeny little bit of peppermint in there as well that DH's aunt gave me.

And finally, strawberries! YAY!
Lots of plants so hopefully we'll get lots of strawberries!
We already have a few that are coming in. Still green and small of course, but they're gonna be DELISH once ripe!


Now for the whining part. My dang achilles tendons hurt! Put on my vibrams and OUUUUUUCH. I don't want to scare people off from getting toe shoes by reading my experience lol. I'm a unique case b/c as I've mentioned, I wear nothing but flipflops and clogs so my achilles tendons are not used to any pressure or anything rubbing on them. I'm sure everyone else would be just fine wearing these shoes.

I'm fine now, but I'm not going to be able to wear those shoes for at least another day. I gotta keep trying to get my body used to it though.


The Lady Girl said...

Love that you've added some photos. What type of plant is that in your first pic?

LisaL said...

They're irises. Highly recommend them. They smell SO great.

The Lady Girl said...

Off to HD to get Irises. My flowerbed needs a huge makeover.