Monday, March 14, 2011

Damn men and their ability to lose weight!

Dh weighed himself again yesterday for the hell of it. He said he was down another 4lbs. Obviously it's just water weight but still, if it stays off, that means he lost 9lbs in a week!! Grrrr lol
I'm really happy for him though. He's been working out so much, sticking with it and this diet even though I know he wants to cheat so badly.
I know before when he was exercising, he got SO discouraged when he didn't lose anything. He worked so hard and nada. So yeah, just really happy for him that he's seeing results on the scale now.

I wish women could lose weight that quickly too. Damn our bodies resisting to lose weight!
Oh well, I'm happy with my 4lb loss so far too :D

It's almost 6 here... and I'm up cooking breakfast. I've been awake since 4 though. UGH. I mean my sleep has been better, but still not great. Just hope I can fall back to sleep quickly after I'm done eating.

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Kristina said...

Ughh! Don't you hate it?! My bf eats like crap and still loses like tons of weight at a time. I eat like a friggin rabbit and I lose soooo slowwwwly. Isn't it great being a girl? lol