Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Way too many

carbs yesterday. Yes I am obsessing a bit. I trade one obsession for the next one :P lol
I mean I was still well within my range, but I'd rather stay on the lower side right now while my body is still getting used to using fat for energy instead of carbs.
SO yeah, have to watch my fruit consumption.
It sounds so strict when I say it but it's really not that bad lol.

Last night for dinner I fixed beef stew. I tried slow cooking it in the crockpot but things just weren't happening so I had to transfer it to a pot on the store.
It was ok. I put WAY too many spices in it. I'm so used to using Beef stew packets of seasoning to make it taste good. Those things are TERRIBLE though. I mean ingredients right on it that say soandso-GLUTEN.
Oh well, not gonna miss that stuff.
No idea what I'm gonna fix for dinner tonight. None of the recipes in the book for week 2 are very appealing. I think tonight is pork curry. Or well, yesterday's was. It just sounds gross. Ground pork, cooked w/ the spices, then drowned in coconut milk and baby spinach leaves until they wilt. I've tasted unsweetened coconut milk... it's gross and just no... not gonna happen. I may do the chicken thing again. Just try different spices on it to see what's good.

Exercise is going to be every other day for right now. I'm still sleeping in way too long and I hate getting a late start. Tomorrow I'll be doing sweat and sculpt so that will be good.


Still no call from the pharmacy for my meds. They did say prior approval thing did take 3 days. 3 days for what, I have no flippin idea. Not like I'm about to start AF any time soon though so still plenty of time.

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