Sunday, March 27, 2011

Boy I suck... parallel parking! DH is determined to take me to get my license finally. We went and practiced parallel parking. I can get in to the spot, MOST of the time, but I'm all far away from the curb. I know he was getting frustrated but what the hell does he expect. I haven't driven in over 10 damn years and even before that, I parallel parked a total of ONE time and that was for my driving test!
Just annoying having someone there that is supposed to be helping but all they're doing is getting frustrated at you for messing up....from the directions they're giving :\

Anywho... I'm not even worried about it. So what if I can't frickin parallel park. This isn't exactly a large city we live in and downtown, most of the parking spots are regular spots anyway so I'm probably once again, never going to need this skill.

As for the fasting.... it's gone ok. I did start to get hungry but think it was just b/c I was thinking about fasting :P
We also went and got some meat for jerky. A bottom round roast that we got the butcher folks to cut up for us.
Also Bi-Lo was having a sale on strawberries. For a HUGE 2lb container, it was only $3. Couldn't pass that up.

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry I can't parallel park either =)