Sunday, March 20, 2011

Yes, I'm about to start talking about the diet again! lol

I'm kinda building myself up to start exercising the "Primal" way. Just started reading about it now and reading it, it's really hard to believe that this is all you have to do. Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure that it's tough at first, specially for someone like myself who is super lazy and out of shape lol, but still.
Just so used to programs that tell you to workout every single day.

I'll try to explain what the exercise part involves.

Sprinting one day a week for 15-25mins (includes the warmup). It says it doesn't necessarily mean running though. So not sure wht it means by that. Maybe start off at what you can at first or something?

Lift Heavy Things twice a week.... workouts last for 10-30mins, 45mins for the advanced. OR Substitute one of the LHT workouts for a Workout of the Week (which is posted on the Mark's Daily Apple website).

And finally, Move slowly/Play/Rest this is for the other 4 days.
For move slowly (walking, light aerobics etc), it's recommended to do 3-5hrs. All in one day or 30mins here and there.

Play.. exactly what it sounds like. Just get out there and be active. Whether if it's a sport, or playing with your dogs, kids whatever.

And rest... take as much time as your body needs to recover. Rest includes easy exercising (guessing things like yoga or something) or just taking it easy.

Just sounds so..... simple. I'd like to get some kettleballs for the heavy lifting part. Going to start it tomorrow hopefully.

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